Friends of Epicurean Philosophy

“The Garden is a coalition of compatible characters and likeminded people, who were joined by their need to react to multifaced pressure in order to insure tranquility as well as the Greek ethos”.

Professor of Philosophy Haralambos Theodorides


The philosophical Garden of Epicurus was founded in Athens before two thousand three hundred and twenty revolutions of Earth around the Sun. According to ancient sources, the Garden of Epicurus was somewhere between the Dipylon Gate and the Academy and accepted without discrimination as students men and women of all classes, free people and slaves, who all recognized each other as friends. The Garden served as a School of the Epicurean philosophy and as a Publishing House of Epicurean books for at least six hundred years in Athens, maybe more. During this period of Hellenistic and Roman eras the humanistic and naturalistic philosophy of Epicurus inspired people to reach their full mental potential. The Epicurean philosophy was the first international, multilingual, intellectual movement, which spread across three continents helping thousands of people to live a happy life.

In modern Greece, professor Haralambos Theodorides was the first to teach Epicurean philosophy (before and after the Second World War) at the University of Thessaloniki (Salonica), and became the author of the first modern Greek Epicurean book. Other sporadic Greek Epicureans books followed, while in the last three decades this publishing activity peaked creating an entire Epicurean “library” with remarkable texts. More and more people in Greece have been finding in Epicurean philoosphy the most satisfactory answers to the fundamental philosophical issues, both in general and those of everyday life. Nowadays the need for discussing and experiencing the Epicurean philosophy led to the establishment of new Gardens.


Friends of Epicurean Philosophy Garden of Thessaloniki

Kipos_ThessalonikisThe “Garden of Thessaloniki” (Salonica) was launched in November 2007 as a voluntary, participatory, informal and unregistered company of friends and fans of the teachings of the great materialist and antimetaphysical philosopher Epicurus. Since then thre were countless meetings and open events, participations in national meetings and Panhellenic Symposia of Epicurean philosophy, all announced at its website

The objectives of the “Garden of Thessaloniki” include a) the dissemination and the cultivation of the teachings of Epicurus and the demonstration of its priceless value in our era, b) the highlighting of the importance of Greek Culture as a timeless, global, civilizing and enlightening factor for all mankind, and c) the study of the presence of Epicurean philosophy and Greek Culture in the continuous course of Hellenism in different historical phases.

The means of the “Garden of Thessaloniki” include a) organized discussions among friends on a regular basis, with a predetermined subject and always in respect to the Epicurean philosophy, b) public events among friends, in which invited speakers develop relevant issues, c) social gatherings among friends and invited people in order to develop mutual ties, and d) participation in events aimed at preservation and revitalization of historical tradition (language, customs, mythology, history, culture, etc.) of the Whole (ancient and later) Greek Culture.


Friends of Epicurean Philosophy “Garden of Athens”

Kipos_AthinonThe philosophical circle “Garden of Athina” (Athens) was founded in January 2009 by friends of the Epicurean philosophy with different educational, employment, and cultural backgrounds. The activities of the “Garden of Athens” include regular philosophical discussions every week, publishing of books and pamphlets, organizing the annual Panhellenic Symposium of Epicurean Philosophy and other events of philosophical content. These activities are open to the public and communicated in website in addition to extensive information on the Epicurean philosophy and the relevant Greek literature.

The objective of the Friends of Epicurean philosophy “Garden of Athens” is the moral and physical defense of human rights in life, liberty and happiness through the restoration, enhancement, dissemination and application of Epicurean philosophy in modern times.

Members of the “Garden of Athens” have edited since 2012 the Proceedings of the annual Panhellenic Symposium of Epicurean philosophy and an annual Anthology of Epicurean philosophy texts. Members of the “Garden of Athens” have given lectures on the Epicurean philosophy as invited speakers of cultural associations in Athens and other Greek cities and have participated in International Congresses of Philosophy.